The great fighter – 23/02/2016

Combat is extremely complicated. It can be simplified drastically depending on the level of conditioning we want to speak about but the nature and development of combat is generally complex since it requires the application of multiple fields of study. To the students that ask how to begin understanding fighting in general, the answers lie universally in various stages of mental conditioning. The psychological processes needed for self-defense and combat will determine if a person has what it takes to become a good fighter. Once the desire to engage in combat is established, the ability will flow naturally. It is important to note however, that few have a “desire to engage” in a fight. You can always find willing participants who want to try given that there is no risk of serious injury, but once such risk is present, the desire to fight is usually gone. The fact that death can be the result of a confrontation is the ultimate deciding factor. In this way we can make a clear distinction between the necessity of self-defense and the degeneration of combat. In Krav Maga these are two very different things.

Vladimir Alexandru

Krav Maga West Island

Self-Defense & Martial Arts Dollard-des- Ormeaux, Montreal