• Custom performance application
  • Temporal re-genesis in meditation
  • Visualization methods
  • Thought rejection
  • Body scanning
  • Conceptual flooding
  • Parallelism
  • Singularity

At KM3, we pass down the mindset and essential mental skills that are necessary for Krav Maga through dark meditation. These abilities expands states of consciousness through relaxation, mental reductionism, stillness, absorption, singular concentration, parallel focus and breathing techniques. Furthermore, the introduction of appropriate people’s skills helps target goals and commitments by motivating individuals and strengthening a positive attitude. Our psychological conditioning and dark meditative principles enforce appropriate self-talk and employ mental imagery in order to break down the psychosomatic barriers and problematics that occur during self-defense. The realism of Krav Maga combined with effective mental conditioning provides better control of emotions and a superior management of anxiety. A powerful combative concentration is developed as a result of this systematic approach.


We know the reality of combat and believe that every participant should train, think and act like a champion. In the pursuit of excellence, an individual’s mental capacity will be the single greatest determining factor in dealing with life’s challenges. Too little or no time is spent on a person’s belief system and far too much time is spent on reinforcing routine-like trainings that have no possibility for mental expansion. Failures result from degenerative thoughts, poor judgements and deteriorating beliefs generated by stress, trauma and internal and external pressures. KM3 provides solutions for this psychological inflexibility and rigid conceptual patterns by joining mind, body and fighting spirit through Krav Maga. The ability to insert proper thoughts and control emotional states by releasing external stimulation leads to higher states of awareness. No-mind meditation instills the reaction necessary for self-defense situations and the fortitude required for daily life.


Mental training enriches life and provides a sense of well-being in everyday activities. Our approach permits participants to meditate daily either at home, at work or even during training. Short periods of meditation provide the self-regulation necessary to shield us against stress, depression, anxiety and pain. Much like Krav Maga, dark meditation aims at developing the greatness within us, giving us the strength to be brave rather than fearful, to give rather than take and to love rather than hate. Patience, generosity, compassion and forgiveness are the qualities of a resilient mind. As we look to better ourselves by becoming humble, kind and just we will advance to bettering our world.

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