Picture next to 1st parahraphAs the leading self-defense and martial arts system in the world, Krav Maga is widely recognized for its reality based training and realistic approach in dangerous situations. The system employs psychology, logic, biomechanics, biology and scientific notions in building a responsive methodology to any violent confrontation. Students are taught to avoid, prevent, deter or deal directly with problematic situations. Krav Maga’s practicality and ever-evolving principles are made to respond to a wide variety of threats ranging from unarmed attacks and blunt objects to knives and modern weaponry. Krav Maga suits everyone that might need to defend their lives in a violent situation, either man or woman, boy or girl.


Krav Maga is a unique system of self-defense and martial arts that concentrates heavily on preventative tactics, self-defense scenarios and unarmed combat skills. The timeline of violence is analyzed in its entirety and is free of any sporting elements that do not fall within the realm of real life self-defense and martial arts. Stress training, scenarios involving multiple opponents and environmental training are an integral part of Krav Maga and contributes greatly to its degree of realism and effectiveness. The use of principle based learning according to the human instinctive reflexive response allows techniques to be taught in a relatively short amount of time. For the above reasons, Krav Maga finds itself at the core of professional sectors such as VIP protection personnel, security agents, law enforcement and military.


Krav Maga’s holistic approach to self-defense and martial arts enables physical, mental and spiritual personal growth. Dealing and learning about violence elevates individuals by exposing them to an ever-changing environment where decisions have to be made under stress. The ability to experience a realistic system expands mental capabilities, increases physical health and provides life changing and lifesaving skills.



Krav Maga translates from Hebrew into English as “Contact Combat” and was created by Imi (Sde-or) Lichtenfeld. The system is currently being developed by Eyal Yanilov, the world’s highest ranking instructor in Krav Maga, Imi’s closest assistant and the only person to receive the Founder’s Diploma of Excellence. Before choosing a Krav Maga school, we encourage you to check for training credentials.



At KM3, we believe that every person should learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones. Krav Maga is a way of life that develops individuals through the understanding of violent encounters. Civilians are often target of confrontations, serious crimes and terrorist attacks that can drastically change their lives. KM3 knows the difference between martial arts and self-defense and reflects those difference in the realism of Krav Maga training. Our ideology is simple; by learning how to fight and discovering the dangers of combat, we find ways how not to fight. Join us on this adventure and train at KM3 in all environments and situations by participating in special events either inside our studio or outside in the rain or snow. Only by understanding how violence manifests can we truly find ways to walk in peace.




The need for women to learn self-defense and realistic martial arts is especially pronounced in today’s society. Our Krav Maga program will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to either avoid situations or deal with the attacks that can occur at home, at work or on the street. KM3 builds the fighting spirit necessary to confront dangerous situations and eliminates freezing during confrontations. At the initial levels, we teach how to properly strike, identify dangerous situations, avoid being taken to the ground and defend against common chokes, grabs and bear-hugs. At the advanced levels, we focus on defense against knives and blunt objects, escaping from the most common rape position and handling basic weaponry. Assuming nothing bad will ever happen is a gamble you should not take. You owe it to yourself to stay safe.


TeenagersTEENAGERS (16+)

The security and safety of our children should always come first. All teenagers should be trained in self-defense and have a basic understanding of security in order to be able to defend themselves against bullies, kidnappers and other potentially dangerous situations. Krav Maga offers a realistic approach that empowers your child with effective techniques and provides solutions against all forms of attacks ranging from pushing and intimidation to grabs and strikes. Teenagers develops self-esteem, self-confidence, environmental awareness, preventative tactics, focus, teamwork, drive, respect, discipline, coordination, flexibility, fitness, balance and the determination necessary to physical and mentally deal with threatening situations. Emphasis is placed on verbal communications skills and negotiation tactics that are heavily ignored in nearly all traditional martial arts.


Private trainingPRIVATE TRAINING

There is no better coaching than one on one training with your KM3 instructor. Custom programs can take participants from any level and elevate them to the highest standards of self-defense and martial arts. Students integrate themselves within a lifestyle that includes physical conditioning, nutritional advice, self-defense training and meditative mental conditioning. Our private instruction differentiates from others primarily through our systematic approach in technical learning. We work on the integrated reflexive system of each client and condition their response accordingly. This revolutionary method allows fast learning and principle-based conditioning to fire under periods of extreme stress. KM3 guarantees that our Krav Maga private sessions will challenge your knowledge of self-defense unlike any other.



KM3 provides tools that will help develop conflict management skills, interpersonal communication, decision making, assertiveness, creative thinking, self-efficacy and teamwork in a working environment. By alternating the way we perceive situations and colleagues and by empowering individuals, Krav Maga fights against burnout, aggression and stress. Whether verbal or physical, violence at work can manifest anywhere. More often than not cooperation is key in resolving conflict and deescalating situations but that is not always the case. Krav Maga holistic approach in dealing with stressful and high-pressure environments are key in helping you protect the company, your colleagues and yourself. Our program is directed at the educational, transportation, health and corporate sectors where teachers, drivers, nurses, doctors, dentists, executives and other professionals might encounter violence at work.



Krav Maga Elite offers advanced self-defense, martial arts, mental preparation, tactical training and combative conditioning to governmental units, law enforcement officers, VIP bodyguards, correctional officers, air marshals, security personnel and military members. Our systematic approach focuses on simplicity, effectiveness and aggressiveness both while prioritizing offensive and defensive techniques. The integration of scenarios involving tactical decision making, teamwork and modern weapons are key components of our program. Krav Maga techniques for professional units are taught in a minimal amount of time and are considered highly effective in times of extreme conflict. Participants receive training in a well-integrated response system and obtain deep knowledge of modern psychological conditioning that can help them solve a wide variety of problems under stress.


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