• Weight loss
  • Supplementation advice
  • Label evaluation & analysis
  • Custom meal plans
  • Performance planning
  • Maintenance programs
  • Travelling meal plan
  • Psychological counselling


KM3 offers a holistic approach to nutrition through Krav Maga, physical conditioning and dark meditation. Nutrition plays an integral role in our energy levels, mood and ability to function at our highest aptitude. Developing lifelong healthy eating habits is one of the most difficult practices to implement because of numerous emotional and psychological barriers. Active individuals, trainers and even elite athletes have greater chances of achieving goals through short intensive dieting sessions rather than making permanent lifestyle changes. We consider our physical body, psychological state and general health a by-product of our mental strength. By waging a war on our mind and our ability to endure psychological pressures, we are teaching individuals how to tolerate desires and how to keep pushing towards our goals. Nothing comes without hard work.


KM3 surpasses the barrier of what is possible for us through accurate information. Our realism in training extends to how we view nutrition both in daily life and in a self-defense setting. Understanding the difference between healthy maintenance eating, dieting and performance consumption is crucial in order to integrate the best plan within your life. Nutritional advice goes hand in hand with our clients’ goals by complementing and guiding them towards human excellence. The positive adjustments you make today will help in the development of better habits and self-control. We believe that strong minds are crafted by a series of small, recurring choices that reinforce our mental capacity and allow us to take the best decisions for our life.


Social pressures, the lack of knowledge and the desire for quick results have armoured nutritional inaccuracies and given birth to numerous false beliefs, fad diets and unhealthy eating habits. With the exception of our specialized programs, all our meal plans are designed with your wellness first, excluding artificial ingredients, processed foods or unnecessary supplementation. KM3 advocates nutrient-dense, hormonally-balanced foods that contain a good amount of carbohydrates, protein and essential fats. We are putting an end to crash dieting, undereating and starvation. Through Krav Maga and the opportunity to implement life-changing skills and tools, we will guide students in uncovering their true potential.


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