Krav Maga Elite (KM3) aims to develop human excellence in people from all walks of life.


We believe that practicing and committing to Krav Maga, the most effective self-defense system in the world, creates physically, mentally and spiritually strong individuals. The exposure to realistic self-defense situations involving different levels of violence permits participants to develop bravery, discipline, self-control, emotional toughness, resilience and a sense of justice. While most of these qualities may exist as singular entities in individuals, it is their combination and consolidation that allows excellence, distinction and greatness to develop.


KM3 deals with a very basic and rough world that has been a part of our social structure since the beginning of time. As humans, we must overcome hardship, confrontation, adversity, intimidation and struggle in order to reach our goals and succeed in life. Krav Maga expands what we believe is possible for us and reshapes the way we perceive the world by exposing us to self-defense situations. As we face these challenges within a daunting environment, we do not only progress our self-defense abilities but also expand our mental capacities and learn how to better move forward in life. Far too many of us wish to avoid pain and failure in order to achieve our dreams. At KM3, we look to pain and failure as two of our greatest teachers because they are the characteristics and trademarks of champions that forge the road to success.


Conquering yourself is a strength beyond all others which enforces perseverance, responsibility, honor, integrity and sacrifice. We believe that through hard work, we all have the potential to become more than what we are. The fastest way to achieve human excellence is to challenge oneself. Given the nature of Krav Maga training, you will meet failure here far more often than you will meet success. This is key in understanding that success is a product of failure and that as dream chasers, we should never fail to try. KM3 is a bastion of strength and endurance where values, virtues, ideals, morals and ethics are a way of life. Without these pillar, we are nothing.

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