physical conditionning



  • Travel workouts
  • Performance programs
  • Functionality training
  • Weight loss
  • Integrated stress conditioning
  • Combat power development
  • Specific biomechanical endurance
  • Restrictive training

At KM3, we believe in fitness as one of the main gateways to excellence in Krav Maga. The biggest mistake in any martial arts or self-defense system is to ignore the impact and restrictions an underperforming body has during a realistic confrontation. Technical ability will only bring participants so far as they embark in a life-changing journey towards greatness. Building physically and mentally strong bodies develops health and enriches well-being through achieved performance, better stress management and drive development. Furthermore, by offering a high level of conditioning at the psychological level, we challenge emotional states and improve mental prowess, discipline and fortitude. From beginners to fitness veterans to professional athletes, everyone will discover new meanings to “in shape”.


Our training program does not focus on extensive heavy bag work, jump ropes, weights or any training methods that can be taught to be done without instructor supervision. KM3 physical conditioning sessions include exercises specifically selected for self-defense and martial arts conditioning and designed to challenge both physical and mental structures. Biomechanical movements, evolutionary principles and psychological reflexes are followed closely when building each session. Participants will face endurance stations with unknown timeframes, core exercises that challenge symmetrical body composition and military-style drills that test multidisciplinary conditioning. The combinatory effect of these parameters emphasizes muscular endurance, cardiovascular capacity, dynamic flexibility and strength within a combative framework. We maximize technical abilities through all components of athletic skill and enforce drills that improve power, speed, agility, functionality, stability, balance and coordination.


KM3 physical conditioning is about the willpower to endure both as an individual and as a group. By entering a world where fitness serves a multifunctional purpose, drills take on a unique perspective as they depend on a variety of realistic factors. We do not promise to give you miracle solutions and overnight results. We promise to provide students with the possibility to learn how to fight pain and the overpowering desire to quit when life gets hard. The continuous mental drive predominating our program distinguishes us from any other conditioning facility. As a KM3 member, you will learn to bring yourself, your partner and your group to victory. This established and highly effective methodology offers a matchless training experience that only Krav Maga Elite self-defense and martial arts can deliver.


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